When I say “DOJO”, it invokes a sense of family, community, and environment where both person and work flourishes. It is the center where multiple companies, various individuals, and wanderlust expats can come together to share ideas and bridge diversity. Despite their tremendous growth, DOJO continues to be a place where the staff remember you and greet you by name. Co-working space? DOJO is beyond that. Their mission is to create your new work environment signature to you. You bring your people. DOJO brings the heart-beat and culture. Step aside co-work and meet the new epicenter of co-group and co-growth.

VP of Finance & CEO of Brighttail Digital

There’s not a whole lot of coworking spaces out there, but I think the environment that DOJO provides is a lot more welcoming than most. With a lot of open spaces as well as events, there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to network and branch out of their bubble. Aside from the company you work for, you can see what other companies are about and I think they’re pretty happy to share too. The community here is definitely very much like a small family.

Implementation Engineer Intern, Ematic Solutions

My first thought when I came to DOJO was, “Am I in a cafe or a workspace?” You can get to know people with just a simple ‘hello’ while making coffee at the pantry or when you mingle around. The community events here are always a fun way of relaxing after a hard day’s work. DOJO is also really good location-wise because all hot spots are within walking distance. Of course, everyone in the team is friendly and welcoming. To me, they’re more like family. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in DOJO and hope to come back someday.

Sales Operations Intern, Ematic Solutions

The DOJO team is awesome! Since our focus is on running our own company, we really appreciate having these guys to help out with other stuff – any problem or complaint is always dealt with immediately. We’re also grateful that the team is constantly organizing activities and keeping us all together. Above all, we love this place because it gives us a sense of culture – that was the main reason we chose DOJO.

Founder, HALE

I work all over the region and I’ve worked in a lot of co-working spaces. In some, people just come in and work in their own bubbles, but I think DOJO has definitely created a big coworking family. Through the community events, I found someone else that works in renewable energy, just like me! As for the weekly yoga sessions, I can’t quite reach my toes yet but someday I hope to go past my shins. I regularly drink too much coffee, as it’s both good and free—hazzzzza! Above all, however, the team is what will keep me coming back; the space is nice, the team is better. Go DOJO Team!

International Consultant & Asia Regional Lead, APX

DOJO is a very comfortable space to be at. The ambience here is similar to when you’re walking into your own house. I can just go up to anybody and invite them out for lunch. Thanks to the proactive Community Manager of DOJO, I got to know a lot of people from different companies and backgrounds. Although I’d say my favorite thing in DOJO is the Zen Garden, the DOJO Team definitely claims the title – they’re always the first ones there when you need anything!

Regional Consultant

When I first walked into DOJO, it didn’t seem like an ordinary workplace area. DOJO has a very cohesive environment, and I think it’s mostly due to all the community events. They’re especially great for introverted people, because it gives us a chance to connect and network. If I had to describe DOJO in one word, it would be ‘comfortable’—everyday it feels like I’m working from home. How will you ever create your best work if you’re spending most of your waking hours in between four uninspiring walls? Work is never going to be the same again.

Customer Success Manager, Ematic Solutions

DOJO is very different compared to any other coworking space that I’ve visited. It is the vibrant community and the amount of networking opportunities that create this new work experience. In fact, I just recently attended an Ethereum Blockchain event that’s relevant to my line of work. The environment in DOJO is always lively, and the team is friendly and approachable. Not to mention, the pantry is always stocked up! That connectivity is the whole point of a coworking space, otherwise you might just wind up at any ordinary office cubicle.

Compliance Officer, Coins.my

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