The value of the security deposit is equal to the value of the 1st-month rental of either a Hot Desk, Designated Desk or Private Office. Management will not confirm a Tenant’s proposed o rental application period until the Security Deposit and 1st-month rental payment details have been completed. If the Security Deposit and monthly rental are not paid Management reserves the right to cancel the rental application.

Any Security Deposit paid to DOJO KL will be refunded to the Applicant within 5 business days after the last date of the rental period. This will be subject to a satisfactory property inspection by the Venue Owner.

The Security Deposit to be paid by the Tenant will be applied against any damages or loss incurred due to the act or oversight of the Tenant’s usage of the space and facilities owned by the Venue Owner.

Damages include but are not limited to the cost of repair or additional cleaning. In instances where damage, loss, theft or destruction has occurred, without the limitation of any other rights or remedies, DOJO KL shall deduct monies from the Security Deposit. If the cost of damages exceeds the Security Deposit, the Applicant will be required to pay the balance within 10 business days from the date of request in writing by DOJO KL.

An invoice will be supplied detailing any damage, loss, theft or destruction on DOJO KL premises.


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